How to Perform a Self-Evaluation

Struggling to start your self-assessment? Use the following tips from Lattice as a guide:
  • Identify how you really feel. Consider whether you’re feeling accomplished and confident in your work. Is there anywhere you know you’re not doing well?
  • Review your goals. Have you been meeting, exceeding, or falling short of the goals you made this year? What factors are affecting your progress?
  • Review your manager’s feedback. What did your manager praise at your last review, and has that been a strength again for you? Can you show that you have developed the areas they said needed improvement at your last performance review? Try to highlight ways you have acted on their feedback.
  • Review notes from peers and coworkers. Don’t be shy about including written praise you’ve received from team members. You can use peer feedback to round out the picture of your performance.

After considering those categories, you can begin writing a self-evaluation. Use your answers from the tips above to form a recap of your performance. You can also reference your job description to discuss how you’re fulfilling the core competencies of your role. Craft a self-evaluation that highlights opportunities for improvement as well as successes.

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